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IMPORTANT- Please fill out the form below as completely and accurately as possible. We will only return search data that is most likely to be your subject so please perform your due diligence to ensure accuracy in your search results. No records will be returned for any celebrities, public figures or individuals under the age of 18. By performing this search you agree to our terms of use.

This search requires a signed authorization from the subject of the search. You must upload or fax a signed authorization form before we can complete your search. If you do not have a signed authorization form you can save your order to your cart. We will complete your search when we receive the signed release from the subject.

Criminal History Information

  • Subject Match Indicators
  • Offense Description
  • Date Charges Were Filed
  • Disposition and Disposition Date
  • Charges Filed County and State
  • Case Number
  • Crime Type (Misdemeanor, Felony, Traffic, Etc.)
  • Subject Age, Race and Gender

Use this search when you need to check or verify an individual’s criminal history. Providing more information will likely provide more accurate and detailed results on your subject.

It is also recommended that you run a skip trace search on the primary owner of the property. This will provide the most current available contact information as well as property ownership, mortgage and lien information.

Add a Skip Trace Search for only $5.00

Please note, a complete list of criminal records does not exist. MySellerSearch.com’s enormous list of criminal history is compiled from various sources and is growing every day. For details please refer to the coverage information here.
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