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Adverse Action

The account holder certifies that before taking adverse action in whole or in part based on a background report for Tenant Screening/Employment Screening it will provide the consumer the following:


We offer a "No Records-No Charge" guarantee that applies to Skip Tracing only. This means when you run a skip trace and we are unable to generate a skip trace report you will be given a credit on your account at


Your privacy is as important to us, as it is to you. We will never, sell, rent, lend, share or give away your sensitive personal information.
With regard to your competition, we will never share any information about you, the services you use, or the information you receive with any other customer. This holds true if two customers order a report on the same person(s). Your business is your business - period! We understand and respect your situation because we are real estate investors too.

Submitting Information

Submissions may be sent electronically on the website If needed, fax submission forms are available on request.

Return of Reports

We will return search results by posting reports directly to your account. There is a $10 per report, fee to return by mail. If you choose to have your reports mailed to you, your credit card will be billed $10 for each report sent. Please visit our services page for a full listing of all searches available. Printable submission forms are available upon request at Online submissions are preferred. We offer a “No Records-No Charge” guarantee that applies to Skip Tracing only. This means when you run a skip trace and we are unable to generate a Skip Trace Report, your account is not debited or charged for the search. We will still provide you a report of ‘Optional Reports Available’ that may help you locate the person you are seeking. If you decide to purchase a report offered here, a search charge will be incurred with the new order submission.
In no way do we guarantee that you will find your subject, because we have no control over what you do with the information once you receive it.This guarantee does not apply to any other search, only the Skip Trace Search. Your account will be charged or debited for all other searches whether or not results are reported.
On the Basic, Featured and Premium Plans, your allotment has NO EXPIRATION and not using them is NOT grounds for a refund.
No activity on your account for a period of 12 months or more will constitute abandonment. If an account is abandoned, it may be closed without notice. If your account is closed due to abandonment, it will NOT be grounds for a refund. If you request authorization to reestablish an abandoned account, a fee will be incurred. Please contact our office for details.

Consumer Privacy

I agree to hold all Skip Trace/ Criminal Background/ Tenant Screening information as confidential and not to disclose any of it, in whole or in part, to the subject of the report (applicant) or to any third party not involved in the related, specific business transaction. I agree not to alter the content, sell or give away information obtained from and comply with Public Law 91-508, The Fair Credit Reporting Act. I also agree to use the information obtained from only for the purpose(s) stated above.

The information reported by hereby known as (MSS) and its databases, including all criminal records, constitute personal information that is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The provisions of the FCRA can be found at

The account holder certifies that before taking adverse action in whole or in part based on a background Report for Employment it will provide the consumer the following:

I certify that when requesting Criminal Background/ Tenant Screening information from, I have a signed authorization from each applicant and will retain authorization on record for a period of not less than two (2) years. At all times, I will be able to produce authorization signatures when requested by

I understand that agrees to use it's best efforts to gather information from sources deemed reliable and to report information accurately. I agree that under no circumstances will, it's parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, employees, etc. be liable for errors or omissions or for any consequential damages however arising including damages arising from the use or misuse of the information provided. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless from any claims that may arise from the information released. will furnish credit information solely based on that indemnification. does not recommend or make any credit granting decisions.

I understand that this agreement shall continue in force without fixed date of termination. This agreement shall not be altered, varied or enlarged upon by any verbal promises, statements or representations not expressed herein. This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of TX.

I understand that any searches that I have purchased are non-transferable to another person. I also understand that following 1 year of inactivity, my account will be considered abandoned.

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