Using a Skip Trace to Locate Someone

What is a skip trace?

A skip trace is a collection of information about an individual that will include valuable information about the subject, including all available phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses. They will also typically include property deed and mortgage data, lien and bankruptcy information as well as known associates, relatives and neighbors. All of this information is important because it give you a snapshot of the person’s circumstances which will allow you to better assess the risk involved in any business dealings.

Using a skip trace to make contact with someone

Find Sellers

By far the fastest and most direct way to contact someone is by phone. A skip trace will list up to 10 phone numbers (if available) for the subject, including mobile phone numbers. We have found that this is the most effective way to reach a potential seller or even a bad tenant that has skipped town. Contacting a relative directly can also be very effective. Because the individual you are looking for may not want to be found, a relative is often a great way of getting a message to the person you’re looking for. Especially if you are offering a potential seller a way out of a bad situation. If you are unable to reach the individual by phone, you can also email them or send them a letter. Again, sometimes the most effective ways to get your message to the individual is through a relative. Sending a letter to the individual at a relatives address can be a great way to reach them as well.