How To Avoid Problems With Bad Tenants

If you’re in the real estate business long enough you will eventually have an encounter with a bad tenant. Most of us have already had experiences that have made us consider selling off our rentals. However, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your property and your tenants remain relatively maintenance-free. … Continue reading “How To Avoid Problems With Bad Tenants”

Using a Skip Trace to Locate Someone

What is a skip trace? A skip trace is a collection of information about an individual that will include valuable information about the subject, including all available phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses. They will also typically include property deed and mortgage data, lien and bankruptcy information as well as known associates, relatives and … Continue reading “Using a Skip Trace to Locate Someone”

How to Find Motivated Sellers

There are any number of things that can happen that will cause a person to have a sudden urgency to sell their property. Often times, a simple change in one of the elements of a person’s daily life can transform their opinion of their home. The house that was once represented a piece of the … Continue reading “How to Find Motivated Sellers”